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In order to present you a custom made quotation, we will be needing some specific information.
Please take the time to answer underneath mentioned questions and accompany your answers with extensive pictures and/or (AutoCAD) drawings (if available). Your information is essential for us to make a quotation that will meet your requirements, giving insight in your investment (costs) and required material.

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Requested information
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Company activities
Fruit growing
Consultancy in storage technology
Running a warehouse for CA storage
Research & Development
Consultancy in techniques
Other (please specify):

Nature of your request
Information / consultation regarding storage of fresh products
Information regarding technical storage equipment
A quotation for CA storage equipment
Quotation for a turnkey storage facility
Service & maintenance
Other (please specify):

Indication of requirements
Existing building with:
Gas tight (CA) storage rooms
CA equipment
Normal atmosphere (NA) storage rooms

New to build facillity
Drawing building (preferably AutoCAD)
Pictures of building inside/outside
Area Situation
Floor conditions: thicknes of floor/Isolation under floor
Overview floor: seams/joints/crack joints/damage
Outside wall insulation
Roof insulation
Structure of building
Location of construction (GPS address)
Local infrastructure

Earthquake area
Product(s) & Storage
Product to be stored (species and cultivars)
Hard fruit
Soft Fruit
Stone Fruit

Please specify species and cultivars:

Average storage period of product per cultivar
The total storage capacity in metric tonnes
Max daily intake
Describe the chain from
origin to storage facility (time line)
Number of stores (rooms) required or available
Tonnage per store (room)
Storage System
Racking system
Dimensions of the bins (L x W x H)
Material of the bins Wood
Ambient temperature (min & max) during  season
Product temperature (max) during harvesting
Availability of stable power

Amp      Hz
Internet connection available
Speed of Internet connection (Mb/s)
Additional information
Who are your customers
Local markets
Describe the chain from
sorting/packaging to the customer (time line)
Your addional information


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